Kids Cafe

Kids Cafe

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DSMC Kids Cafe
4 Hours of Kids Praises, 150 Songs in 10 languages

Songs for Kids

  1. I am a Christian
  2. You and I got to have
  3. Praise to the Lord
  4. Marching to the enemies camp
  5. We are one in the father
  6. In a worthy world
  7. Worthy is the life
  8. Don’t look left, right
  9. Life is so beautiful
  10. In my life Lord
  11. Let’s go up Zion
  12. With my hands lifted up
  13. Lets make a new world
  14. Chicky children
  15. We are in the ship
  16. I am walking for my Lord
  1. Fragrance of love in Jesus
  2. Jisu ni Kakan
  3. Jesus Christ loved us
  4. God’s love is purer
  5. La la la, love is what
  6. I praise you Lord
  7. Friendship
  8. Ssh…ssh…See the baby Jesus
  9. Blessed be the name of God
  10. Make us a garden
  11. The flower of calvaray
  12. VBS sure is fun
  13. God has given me all
  14. Not by might, nor by power
  15. Let us run with determination
  16. Tik tik tik tik

 and many more songs